Where I live

I live under the lighthouse in the seaside town of Scheveningen in the Netherlands. Having spent almost all of my life next to the ocean, my love for film & photography were born out of that element I have been most familiar with, the ocean. My first surf session was in France and I was hooked right away. I took this new found passion home and started surfing in Holland. Although not renowned for its quality waves, Holland does get the occasional swell and in recent years this has prompted a vibrant local surf culture. At that time I started filming & photographing friends, the beach, the surfers, and the tight-knit community of Scheveningen. Then it all started, I was asked to do editorial work for websites, magazines, as well as some related brands. Borders were crossed and along the way I discovered new styles of film & photography. Soon after www.underthelighthouse.com saw the light as a showcase and platform for further creative projects. To keep this creativity alive and to discover new styles in photography & film, I’m interested in working with fellow creative enthusiasts and brands. Wether it’s a commercial project or just a test shoot to build our mutual portfolio. As my portfolio grows, the lighthouse still stands and illuminates my dreams.

What I do

Photography & Film are my passion. I feel grateful to be able to work on projects that I like to do and therefore I don’t really have a focus on a certain ‘type’ of photography or film. So if you like what you see and feel that I can be of any help with your creative ideas, just drop me a mail!

How I do it

There are many ways to start a project or work as a team to accomplish something beautiful. I like to meet and get to know the people behind the project(s) to get the most out of a collaboration and to be as free of mind one can be while working together on the creative process!